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Krista, I wake each Sunday and prepare to go to Mass listening to your show and have always found it fascinating. I think you can also see where this is going. To wake to Francis Kissling on Pro-Life Sunday, as we prepare for communal prayer for the unborn is deeply offensive. However you frame the view or changing views of Ms. Kissling, they are so far from consistent with Catholic teaching that her calling herself a Catholic is doubly offensive. I hope that young Catholic listeners don't hear her as espousing a viable Catholic view, rather than an opinion. Further, to hear that she recognizes abortion as the destruction of life, though life she deems "not valuable" strikes me as a stunning example of hubris and ignorance, unworthy, I thought, for the discussions you foster. The reason that this national debate continues is that the dignity of all human life trumps any other consideration in priority, for the Church, for any right th inking person and for God.