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How I long to have conversation that is respectful of the "other", whatever side of argument the "other" happens to be on. How I long to hear balanced, compassionate, and fair conversation. In the 60's I had an illegal abortion in the fifth month of pregnancy that nearly took my life. It was done in a barbaric way. The "doctor" involved had no respect for life, me, the fetus, or my husband. This abortion left me with emotional and spiritual scars that I carry today at 73 years old. After 50 years I still ask myself, "Who would this person have been? Would I have another son or daughter? Would this child care about me more than my living children do? Would this child be grateful to be alive? What happened to this child......this soul? Where did it go? Does a 5 month fetus even have a soul? Am I forgiven? Does the child forgive me? Does God? Should I have been punished? Maybe I am being punished. Thanks to the compassion of the emergency room doctor....where I had to go because I was hemoraghing after the proceedure.....I was not "turned in" to the authorities. I did not have to answer for the illegality of what I did. But I have had to answer all these years for the mental, emotional, and spiritual consequences of what I did. Listening to you, Krista, and Frances Kissling converse, I appreciated after all these years that there is good in me....and that if someone could converse from that perspective, I would be grateful.