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For me, once the fetus feels pain ,there is just no justification to inflict pain unto death on the fetus for the sake of benefiting the mother. This is just basic ethics 101-a being is not an object and if and when it feels pain it is a being.To inflict pain unto death on an innocent being for the sake of another is unjust.

That it is a difficult decision for the mother is a smoke screen and irrelevant to the fact that it is unjust.To look for the goodness in the pro-choice position, the position that believes in keeping abortion legal for all stages of gestation] is to attempt to lessen the obvious injustice of inflicting pain unto death on an innocent being. What is more evil then to believe it is all right to do that (the pro-choice position)?

Though it is good that the pro-choice position cares about the well-being of the pregnant woman and illegal abortions hurt the woman as well as the innocent fetus, ethically you cannot make a trade off between the life and well being of the pregnant woman and the life of the being that feels pain unto death.That is inhumane and how can any ethical person and a Catholic accept this? When the life is not developed enough to feel, that is a different discussion.