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Kissling said, "People who have strong disbeliefs cannot come to a common ground."  I think this is very true.  If you truly are passionate about an issue, there is no possible way anyone can persuade you to think otherwise. The only thing that can really be done is to try and understand what the other party is feeling or believing and why.

She compared the abortion issue with the current issue of gay marriage.  She said the difference between the two is that the gay marriage issue has movement (meaning it is making progress), whereas the abortion issue has no movement.  I completely disagree with this.  The gay marriage issue has had absolutely no movement.  As Kissling said, when you have two sides who both have a passion for their belief, no common ground can be made.  I think this is true in both instances.

Kissling also said that when referring to gay marriage there are positive aspects that are recognized such as love, happiness, partnership, etc.  When speaking of abortion, you are always talking about the destruction of life.  I took this quite literally and it's true.  However, you are dealing with the destruction of life, as well, when you prevent a family to be recognized as a family.  Can you imagine the impact it must have on the children of same-sex couples?  To have your family who is loving and accepting and perfectly normal in your eyes, be looked at by others as inferior or "not a real family"?  If that's not destruction of life too, then I don't know what is.