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Through the abortions and adoptions that dear friends of mine have experienced, I am acutely aware of how painful the decision was, and in many ways continues to be.

My personal sense is that a deep part of us is aware that we are ending potential, ending life, no matter the difficult circumstances. I personally feel that choosing to go through with the pregnancy, through the alternatives of adoption or keeping the child, are also difficult -- however my sense is that the scar on the parent's hearts, on the mother's psyche, is less for adoption/keeping that with the abortion option.

My step mother gave up a child for adoption 40 years ago, and it continues to affect how she parents, always feeling like she needs to compensate for having "given up" this child. However her sister chose to abort, and it seems that that pain has almost paralyzed her into not being in close relationship with anyone. A friend of mine aborted a pregnancy, and years later has lost two children perinatally... and I wonder oftentimes how those three experiences affect each other. It's too touchy of a subject for me to approach.. I just think of, worry a little, about it all.

I do not think the government is the appropriate venue to guide/restrict these decisions. It is a personal decision between the woman and her Maker. If there is an after-life sort of "making of amends", I believe it is not up to the government to do anything with this. The rights of the child belong to the mother and her relationship to the Creator.

I do not like either term pro-life or pro-choice. What do I consider myself?... pro-health of woman and child.