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I have thankfully never needed to have an abortion. But as a family counselor working primarily with troubled teens and their families, I am a strong supporter of the pro-choice philosophy. My feelings about abortion are simple -- it is an intimately, profoundly personal decision made by the woman (and hopefully the man) involved in the conception. No one else is even qualified to make this decision. Perhaps if the pregnant female is very young -- say 11 or 12 years old, then the parents should have some say in the matter, but only then should the parents' involvement be allowed, and certainly not mandated. I've also raised teen girls. I can say this: I have NEVER met a person faced with the decision of having a baby or aborting an embryo/fetus who wasn't personally deeply involved in and changed by the decision before them. In my experience abortion has never been used light-heartedly as some pro-lifers claim. I do have issue with having abortions later in the pregnancy. If the fetus is viable and feel this is something we need to address in the medical and human services field. If an aborted fetus is viable, I believe we should do all we can to help the child medically and find the child a good home, because as a society we owe children this much. This is something we take on in society when we judge people unfit as parents, and we should do the same for any viable child. Viability is fairly predictable, medically. I cannot feel good about killing a child once the child is born alive. BUT I am very frightened about the possibility of women losing our rights to make these decisions.