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How does this sound? "live and let live"

This old axiom can be read and understood in many ways which allows room for many points of view: to be in favor of all life, to be in favor of freedom for all to make life choices which effect them personally, and, most importantly, to be in favor of making available all resources deemed prudent to inform those decisions. I say live your life and let others live theirs.

In our current political climate, clarity on this issue is absent. During a challenge to Senator Obama I heard it stated that he was por-abortion and against life. He corrected the speaker to say he was for life. There is a middle ground. I am not in favor of abortion, per se, but I do not walk in others' shoes. In the area of childbirth, neither I, nor the government, should dictate another's responsibility (the root of this word is "the ability to respond").