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While I no longer identify as a Christian, I do understand their teachings and observe how they are put into pratice. I myself have a hard time with the logical inconsistency of the 'pro-life' group.

If you subscribe to the idea of 'original sin', then you would believe that the soul of an unborn child is pure, and should the child die before birth, then that child goes directly to heaven.

That being the case, the true sinner then are the adults, the doctor and the pregnant woman, who actually terminate the pregnancy. It logically follows that they are sacrficing their salvation for the salvation of another. Over the course of a career, a Doctor could ensure thousands of souls get a free pass to paradise. In fact, the Germans colloquially refer to this specialist as an "Angelmaker".

Of course not all faiths subscribe to this extreme view. If the did, then every miscarriage would prompt a funeral, and this is rarely the case, even for those that are strongly pro-life.

I personal not subscribe to this at all. I feel this is a woman's issue and it is her choice and her responsibilty. She can sort it out
when she meets her maker