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Tell Us Your Story How do you think through the moral and spiritual aspects of abortion? What would you genuinely like to understand about the perspective of people who feel differently? What would you like them to understand about you? If the phrases "pro-life" and "pro-choice" are limiting and polarizing, can you imagine new frames of reference for new and better conversations? * Here is my answer: No. Innocent human life has an absolute value, as the Church fathers taught since the beginning. Those who have violated the moral law can be healed, as I have of related sins, but only through repentance which is the opening of the door to Divine Mercy. Abortionists,their victims, and "pro-choice advocates" like P.Parenthood people need both affirming love emotionally (see books of Conrad Baars, M.D.), and affirming love intellectually (Catholic teaching) and the Sacraments to regain their integrity. This polarity cannot be defeated by any suggestions of subjectivistic thinking. There's no mental trick, anthropological "discovery", or compromise formula to get us out of this culture war we are in. Human dignity is too central to human destiny for that. Good thinking will help, yes, but not based on subjectivism. (It must be a moral and religious absolutism:affirming the absolute value of all humans in God’s sight). In fact, this polarization you are discussing--God (and us, His image) vs. subjectivism--is there until the end of time. That's why the Book of Revelation is described in such potent, dramatic terms. Life is the battle of the infinity of Divine Mercy for rebellious human souls till the very end. Contraception (also condemned by the fathers and even railed against by the reformers) and abortion—as well as sexual modesty and chastity--seem particularly at the center of this battle.