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Although I believe that the abortion issue should be a personal decision between the woman and her partner, and my personal decision would have been to have the child (but I used contraception, never got pregnant and never tried to, and my 2 children are adopted), I have a problem with the larger issue of what being "pro-life" should mean. If one is "pro-life", then to me that means one should fight just as hard if not harder for life for human beings already born, like the elderly, as for unborn fetuses. However, I do not see that happening. To me that is hypocritical. Also, I have not seen the vast majority of "pro-life" people step up to the task of helping to care for those children they insist should be born. How many of them would be willing to adopt these children they want to legislate into being? What is supposed to happen to those children? What kind of life would these children end up with, and what kind do they deserve? All human beings are made in the divine image of God, and all deserve the same chance to develop their uniquely human creativity. It is hard to do that when you have to scramble for your next meal, or a safe place to sleep.