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Dear Producers, I enjoy your views and respect you on what you say. You are gifted person. I made a special DVD of artifacts for 2009. This is the first atfer 25 years time I 'm sharing with you . I spent time in the mountain of the himalayas. My faith and meditaion has been answered. What I have will benifit all mankind. In the future all human being will humble and what have will comfort for humantiy we are all in the same benwagon. I hope I can share with you and learn from each other. I preserved artifact from different cultures and national and divine treasure. This is for the 21 first century it is the sign of the time for education and science. Take a look at what im sharing with you. You are a gifted person to share with. I need help setting this up, I wondering if I could get help. It is the sign of the time. Who will be the gifted person? I hope you are enjoying the American History. I want to help people of America and those whose in Texas and Louisiana. These are also personal belongings of Thomas Jefferson and George Washington.. The Heaven stone is 4.6 billion years old. In 2008 Ill be ready to share with the world. Im planning to make a documentary about the artifacts history. If you would like to be part of the making history, please let me know. Many other artifacts are presenting different cultures. Some of them are breath taking, garment and clothing, pen of someone for you to guess who was born in c 6 B.C- c. 30 A.D. And other person in c.4 A.D. -c 64 A.D. Also c 280-337 A.D. Many other of first human languages and the time of anicentand many other relgion like Islam , Buddha and hindu and many others.. These are lost horizon wisdom. When we all humble then well have comfort for humanity. We all are seacrhing for the truth. Please let me know. Peace, Love, and Good Karma. Take a look at what I have. Sincerly, Karma Shah