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While probably painted as an elite, eastern-bred liberal, I think both sides have focused too much on the issue of conception. Neither side talks about, strategizes for, nor finances - emotionally, spiritually or economically - programs for children born out of this dilemma. I suppose the Pro-Choice side says they don't have to, but their focus is altogether about the mother, not the child. The Pro-Life side, supported by churches and some social networks, but not by any government (or, for that matter, any political party) has no safety-net program in place domestically or internationally, not even the Roman Catholic Church, to cre for these kids. Children need our help in their right to be born, but they also need the support in situations where their economic, social, educational, environment is adversely challenged. I do have much trouble when the abortion issue takes center stage. Today, we have huge issues that need to be addressed: invading a foreign country on false pretenses, imprisonment without due process, capital punishment, health care initiatives, especially for the uninsured, education, race and myriad others.