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If, as you receive this, all formatting is lost, please e-mail. I will send a document w/ formatting, to make it readable............ The Rod Dreher interview let me put pieces together. They are painful. If he could "run" with this question, it might be helpful in bringing us together--if that is possible. Crux: Pro-choice looks at "pro-lifers" as full humans, with whom we happen to disagree. Pure anti-abortion, in my visceral self, traces directly back to the authority of "THE CHURCH" of Calvin and the Inquisition to deprive those of life who disagree re doctrine. It is my everyday subliminal awareness--maybe wrong, but my gut says is right--that the safety of me and my family is at risk. If, under the guise of religion, human beings can label some is human and some as not, then I become the "non-human." Translation: The "religious conservative" could believe it proper to muder me because I would "murder" a fertilized egg. Our daughters understand, viscerally as well as intellectually, the "Nationalist religion" of the US. If McCain absolutism solidifies a Supreme Court that functions as linchpin of a Mullah-type thoecracy, I predict that our kids will not be part of it. Evidence: -The seemingly absolute link of "pro-life" with support for death penalty. -The refusal to acknowledge the biological basis of gender identity heterogeneity. The absence of real condemnation of chaining a gay man to a fence, beating him, letting him die. -The Viet Nam concept of "we need to destroy it to save it." Context: I am Unitarian Universalist. Age 56. Straight (w/o ambiguity, tho' both daughters insist that all of us are on a gay-straight continuum). Dermatologist in a university-based academic teaching program. The concept of "respect the inherent worth and dignity of every person" is central. An extremist "pro-lifer" or avowed hater of gay/lesbian is a human being--just as is a murderer or sexual predator. All are "worthy of life," if you will. I am about 7/8 German. Folks ethnically just like me did the Holocost. But my German name got here in 1876, when someone bribed someone to get my then 13 yo grandfather smuggled onto a merchant ship, to arrive here as an "illegal" in Galveston TX. To avoid conscription into Bismarck's army at 14th birthday for the Franco-Prussian wars. I trace to the "Good Ship" Hope, 2nd ship at Plymouth Colony after the Mayflower. The 1639 Boston ancestor traces to a survivor of St. Bartholomew's massacre 1572, southern England for a couple of generations, then over here. The "Candee" name is likely a respelling of Conde--as in Compte de Conde, 16th century Huguenot. I am grandkid of sister of wife of Rev. Edmund Holyoke, Harvard president 1670s-1720s. I have photo of my mom's dad's mom, born Candee, in bobby socks, with two others, one of whom is Elizabeth Katy Stanton (or Susan Anthony--my 91 yo mom's not sure), passing out woman's suffrage literature. There's also some ca 1670s Scottish refugee in me--offspring of a minister Cromwell pursecuted. Comment: It is hard not to overcome irrational fear. In 4/78, I found myself against a building per two Black men, at far end of a sawed off shotgun. I, wife-to-be (now post 30th anniversary), and two other friends were not harmed. But, as I campaign door-to-door for Obama, the image from that day still flashes before me. The comment re "truck bomb a fundamentalist church"--emerge, I presume, from fear. In my mind, true "pro-choice" would never wish any harm to the pro-lifers amongst us. We may or may not wish to invest energy talking with those who don't respect us--on a spectrum ranging from patronizing/condescension to distain. But the fundamental status of dignity and humanhood of those with whom we disagree is not questioned. Re: Would this issue change my vote? The question is not "pro" vs "anti" abortion. It is re respect for the dignity of the individual, vs putting doctrinal authority an a supra-human but human-run agency, that would threaten execution of an astronomer because it was against doctrine to look through a telescope, to see that the earth was not flat et al and didn't have the sun rotating about it.