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I wrote this letter(which turned out to be too long for our local paper) because I believe that even though I am pro-life, the democratic positions on health care, poverty and compassion are much more reflective of my values than the republican platform. I think it fits in well with today's discussion on the radio:

Compassion is my highest value. It is compassion for the voiceless unborn that has led me to my pro-life position. But my pro-life stance doesn’t end with the unborn. It saddens my heart each time I hear of the death of another American soldier to a war that needs to end. And it is caring for the children that I see as a school nurse, whose lives may be shortened by a broken healthcare system, that drives my desire to embrace change.

Compassion is a Christian value and I believe it is compassion that drives Barack Obama. It is evident in his policies in every arena that he cares for the down trodden. His proposed policies demonstrate his caring for the sick, the soldier, the impoverished and even the air that we breathe.

There are those who would say that a pro-life position is the voter’s litmus test. I believe there is a danger in letting one issue drive our decisions. Is a candidate who purports to be pro-life really driven by that issue or is he using it to gain power?

Obama is not pro-abortion. He has compassion for the least of us. He has proposed policies that would go a lot further than current policies to reduce the number of unintended pregnancies and abortions. His pro-choice position is a reflection of his desire to lead a government that rules not with an iron fist, but with respect for individual circumstance in every aspect of our lives. Wouldn’t it be better to apply this kind of leadership to ALL areas of your life and the values that YOU hold dear, and use that as your litmus test?

We have witnessed the emergence of a great leader, a visionary who gives hope to the common man. I believe his time is now.