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I am a Christian woman, age 57, divorced, mother of 3 and grandmother of 5. I was born to a woman who had fallen in love with a married co-worker in 1950. Fortunately for me, abortion was not an option. My grandparents and aunts and uncles came together with her to determine the best solution for my pending birth. They wanted to protect me and my mother from gossip and labels that could impact our lives forever. It was decided that I would be raised by my aunt and uncle until the time when my birth mother was married and able to raise me herself. The two families moved out of state together until after I was born and then we all returned to our community with me as the new baby of my aunt and uncle. Life moved along for several years with my birth mother very involved in my life. Then everything changed in 1954 when my birth mother and her fiance were both killed in a car accident After recovering from the overwhelming sadness of that event, the decision was made for my aunt and uncle to adopt me. I was so young I did not remember these events. I grew up believing that my parents were my natural parents, until circumstances (or what I feel was God's intervention) revealed the truth to me. At that time, I realized that if abortion had been legal and accepted in 1950, I could have been killed and never known life.

At the age of 24 (1974), I remember a startling event that truly brought the horror of abortion to my senses. My husband and I were visiting a couple whom we hadn't seen in several years. They were planning to be married in three months and were very excited about their decision to marry. I was 9 months pregnant at the time with our first child. I remember feeling very old, fat and out of touch with this younger couple, when suddenly the discussion took a dark turn that left me absolutely nauseous. As we were sitting there talking in their living room, my baby inside of me kicking away, when the woman announced that they had accidentally gotten pregnant a couple of months ago, but aborted the baby as "it wasn't the right time". I couldn't understand how they could sit there and tell me they had killed their child while mine was a few weeks from birth and they didn't feel any remorse or regret. They had actually convinced themselves that it wasn't a baby at all.

How do we move the two sides together to talk? We have to get to the core issue of why women feel so threatened by anyone who challenges their "right" to abortion. We have to re-frame "pro-life" to include the expectant mother and provide her with support and options for her baby and provide her with support if she decides to give the baby away. We have to move this country away from embracing death and embrace life with all its challenges. We have to show love to those women who have no one to turn to and can't imagine any alternative. We have to look at how woman are treating themselves and how they get into positions of getting pregnant with someone they can't raise their child with. Abortion mentality is killing our culture. It is reducing women to a level of sexual beings and nothing more. They were given the ability to create life and we need to build up our value.