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I grew up Catholic and believe that some form of 'life' begins at conception. I would be labeled pro-choice now as I support the individual's right to choose what is best for them and the life within them. I expect all consenting adults to recognize that from every act of intercourse, regardless of contraceptives employed, there is always the potential to create a pregnancy and that they will not use abortion as a form of contraception. In the cases of non-consensual sex (rape) and incest I believe the individual should not be required to carry to term the result of this illegal, immoral, devastating and traumatic act. I also fear that if abortion were made illegal, more deaths would occur as women would continue to seek the procedures, now from an unregulated profession. I wish the discussion on this issue would transcend the lifespan of the embryo in question. I do not understand how someone can be pro-life yet then not support programs such as food stamps and head start and welfare to work, to help the individuals who had a child and may now be experiencing financial difficulties. I do not believe that saying 'they should just give it up for adoption" is an acceptable argument from the pro-life position against these programs. If you believe this is a moral issue, then you must look at the morality of helping others in these situations. The terms pro-life and pro-choice are not equal in meaning and connotation. If one side is pro-life this implies the other is pro-death and that is not accurate and demeanonizes anyone who is pro-choice as a baby killer. If one is pro-choice, then the other side should be pro-no choice. There does not seem room on the pro-life side for instances mentioned above of rape and incest - this I would genuinely like to understand. I also don't understand why people vote for an individual based on this one issue. The pro-life candidate may not help them economically, and may actually make their life financially more difficult, yet because they are pro-life they will vote for them.