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This is a continuation of an earlier email. I'm including the times of the 9/11 attack:

First attack 8:46
Second attack 9:03
First collapse 9:59
Second collapse 10:29

Sum: 3737

Since '37' is the reverse of '73', it can be read as meaning 'reverse the decision of '73', which was Roe, so it means 'Stop legalized abortion'. The factors of each of the four numbers include a 3 and a 7 also.

And in the picture below I have the plot of the flights of the four terrorist planes on 9/11 and the flight of the president's plane. And you have to say what it looks like.

Vatican Council II’s Declaration on Religious Liberty (Dignitatis Humanae) says that “society itself may enjoy the benefits of justice and peace, which result from [people’s] faithfulness to God and his holy will” (no. 6).

We can enjoy the benefits of justice and peace, but if we go against God's Will and kill the unborn, we will have terrorism, which I think is the message of 9/11.

Or, as Jesus said, I paraphrase: Just because a man suffers does not mean that he has sinned, or that his parents have sinned, but if you sin, you will come to ruin.

So, I think a linkage, not for blame but for conversion and repentance, is legitimate.