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A Poem Upon Entering the Fray
by David Blauw

Watching them enter,
Wondering where they stood
on the issue of tissue development
and soul acquisition.

Could I tell from their haircut
or the way their glasses
sat upon their noses?

There beside me is (I guess) an evangelical glancing
wondering who is orthodox and who invites carnage.

So unlike a prize fight,
the combatants smiled before-hand
and talked politely
about the traffic on Route 22 and the mild winter...

Then unleashed, upon command,
distrust and bias
that cut to the core of humanity.

A pigeon-holing of will
that relegated all the foe
into the oppressor.

Jesus has come to relieve the oppressor
and the oppressed
to relieve the enslaved by another's will.

O Lord,
deliver us from all bitterness
and unforgiveness
for the born and for the unborn
for the silent and for those
fallen victim to this world
of competing values.

Bring us to justice
Carry us to your will.

(Written Feb. 1992 at Princeton University, while waiting for a debate between representatives from Planned Parenthood, New Jersey Right to Life, Operation Rescue and Roman Catholics for Choice)