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I have had many abortions – legal and illegal. I have never met anyone who felt good about have an abortion – but there seem no other option – at the time.

I held a granddaughter - I had originally encouraged the termination of her life. When you hold a little baby and look down and think “I wanted her dead” boy o boy does that change your mind. We allowed her to be adopted.

So then what do we do? - GIVE REAL CHOICES -

NO ONE REALLY LIKE ABORTIONS. How do we stop abortion – stop unwanted pregnancy. How do we stop unwanted pregnancies:
·FREE birth control and pap smears – and no Planed Pregnancy does not provide free birth control.

·How about running TV ad campaigns on the beauty of adoption, the use of birth control, and painlessness and ease of vasectomies.

·Where are male birth control pills?

·Quit pretending teenagers are not having sex and allow them free, accessabe and privacy to a birth control choice.

·Incorporate a highschool class on the responsiblies of parenthood, how to care for children, how to pay bills, how to balance a check book, how do credit cards work, how to find a job, how to buy a house, respect, conflict management, ect…. pratical life information, Parents do not have the time to teach even the basics to their children. Parents do not even read with their children much less teach life skills.

·Run TV ads on what abortion looks like.