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I just have questions: Why is it so hard to focus on the causes rather the resulting abortions? When is abortion also make the men responsible for their actions? Can't we help young women who often say they want a baby so they have someone to love them? -- Help them see they are destroying their ow young lives- -- Help them see they are committing their children to poverty-- etc. -- Help them see their own worth, ability to make good choices. The Old Testament made reproduction necessary for survival, but the times have changed. Isn't human intimacy and comfort also a legitimate reason for sexual intercourse between committed individuals? But this is not the casual sex young folks see in the media. It is not another form of "hello." Poverty limits a young girl's hopes and opportunity. Help her get out of that terrible whirlpool. Educate the young men also to their responsibilities. A local high school has a nursery which the boys call the "Trophy Room." How can medical ethics and moral judgment keep up with scientific discoveries of human life?