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Abortion is wrong. It's that simple. To take an innocent human life is an abhorrent moral wrong, and there is no way such the choice to kill should be protected by law. I have not been able to vote until this year, but I have always supported the Republican candidate for president based on the pro-life issue.
Yet, I vote in two days, and I am strongly considering a vote for Barack Obama. There are so many other issues at stake—an economy in the trash, many without healthcare, a war that lingers on. Obama is appealing to me. He strikes me as a man trying to live the Gospel—a crucial value for me as an active Roman Catholic. But I hesitate to give him my vote because his message of hope excludes the unborn. The change he brings is looser restrictions on abortion. This is not the change we need.
But I agree with him on so many other issues, my pro-Obama friends argue. This is true, and I don't want to be a one-issue voter, but the fact is that the pro-life issue is central to any just society. A just society must protect its most vulnerable members. Abortion destroys our society's most vulnerable members. If we are to build up a just society in our country, we must defend those who have no voice, no defense of their own.
I realize situations can be tough. Senseless acts like rape can cause crisis pregnancies and put women in miserable situations. I cannot possibly understand the pain these women go through. But I can say there must always be a more viable option than death. Whether it be economic support programs for pregnant women, early-childhood education programs, or adoption incentives, there must be a better option in death—an option that promotes life and a just society at the same time.