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I think human life does not turn on and off like a light switch, but grows gradually, just as it sometimes (in old age or prolonged illness) dies gradually, like a perfume slowly losing its scent, when you miss the full and eventually even the trace of the spirit of the human life still physically there with you. The beginning of life is the wonderful inverse of this -- like a perfume base gradually getting a scent, a growing body and growing spirit, really very amazing. The whole process seems to me morally significant from its very start, from conception -- so much so that I think you always need a reason to interrupt it once it starts. Lesser reasons might do within the first few hours of conception, say, since there is truly less of both the body and the spirit of the life present. But as human life grows and becomes more fully present, you need a better and better reason to stop it.

I like to think we are all pro-life in the sense that we all value and encourage human life. And we are all pro-choice in the sense that we value and encourage freedom. Perhaps pro-responsibility? We want to make responsible choices about growing human life.