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Not being a traditionally religious person, I do not come to my views based on scriptures or doctrines. Instead I come to my pro-choice views based on a sense of practicality, and a hope that whatever Divine presence there is does not ascribe to the strict black and white views that generally go along with this topic.

I believe that it would be nearly impossible to find a person who believes that abortion is a "good thing." I, like many who call themselves pro-life, wish we lived in a world where every child conceived was wanted and would be loved and cared for. But unfortunately we do not live in that world, and so we must come to terms with abortion.

What has always baffled me is the unwillingness to compromise that many pro-life people exhibit. The easiest way to prevent abortion is to prevent unintended pregnancy. And yet the same people who want to outlaw abortion also fight against contraception and comprehensive sex education - two things proven to prevent unintended pregnancies. I find this approach to be as useful as hiding one's head in the sand. The reality we face is that humans are sexual beings - try as we might, there will always be teens who have sex. There will always be adults who have sex. Telling people not to do it as the only answer to preventing unintended pregnancies is a denial of reality.

As long as those in the pro-choice movement are the ones fighting for greater education, more access to contraception and health care for women of low socioeconomic background (statistically the group with the highest incidences of abortion), I will stand with them. To me the pro-choice movement is more truly "pro-life" as it seeks to address life as it is, rather than some unrealistic ideal held by many of the so-called "pro-lifers."

At the same time, I think it is important for people on all sides of the issues to engage in real conversation. Compromise and progress can only be made when people truly understand one another. When understanding is reached, we could use the best of both sides to drastically reduce the number of abortions which occur, and help the status of women in America and the rest of the world.