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Prefacing my answers I have to state that before I saw SOF's outreach for fresh perspectives, I had asked myself a few months prior that:

"If I were running for office, how would I honestly answer this question?"

In being a male I first thought that my moral and spiritual perspectives would be mute however, my introspection led to a clear and concise conclusion.

Outside of context, the moral aspect of abortion and the potentiality of spiritual consequence of going through an individual seems to weigh against it.

I would like to understand of those who feel differently what context or lack of context makes this a choice. I would further like to explain my stance on what I believe can be simply classified as: an accidental pregnancy versus a forced or life threatening pregnancy.

Pro-life and pro-choice are black and white. In the terms of media it means one is for abortion without reason and the former is against abortion for one reason or another.

There needs to be a more granular conversation regarding abortion and those who stand somewhere between Pro-life and Pro-choice: regardless of agreement or disagreement.

This is a complex issue, but the complexity lies on the individual going through such a procedure and it is the voices of those that have undergone this procedure that should be heard amongst those that are caught somewhere in the middle in terms of being for or against such a choice.

Jesse Benedict