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Abortion has been blown all out of proportion. People use it today to attack the ideas of others twithout hinking things through.

I have been friends with one lady who considers herself a murder for having an abortion and another who considers herself a torturer because she couldn't have one.

This is an ethical issue that must be settled by the woman involved. I can never feel the pain because it will never happen to me. I can only advise and support the womans decision

If GOD wants a child born that child will be born. If the LORD does not want a child born it will not be born. We humans cannot tell the almighty what child should or should not be born. Therefore abortion is a mote point from that angle

In the end the state must decide when abortion becomes murder. Current efforts seem to be that the shift occurs when the medical proffession can keep a child alive outside of a women. As we get better at dealing with pre-mature babies this time comes earler and earler in the pregnacy. Evetualy we will not need abortion at all because we can keep an embro alive from conception.