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Perhaps pro-life should be phrased anti-killing and baby-rights for that is the true issue is pro-lifers are trying to protect the babies, or the Latin term for baby a "fetus." If the baby "it" is just a "fetus" then they are not really accepting the fact that the baby is just a glob of tissue when the word "for an un-baby" in Latin. People try to justify killing babies claiming that nobody wants "it." When there are several people I know that would be delighted to adopt a baby. In several towns I saw that the people that wanted to adopt a baby out numbered the abortions preformed and that does not count the natural occuring multiple births aborted also, for one out of eighty women do have twins,and one out of 100,000 have triplets. The number of abortions occuring out number the people serving in the military and yet people complain more about people fighting for freedom then they do about millions of babies killed each year.