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I am a pro-choice woman and mother, who leans heavily toward the progressive side politically. As I don't believe in the supernatural, all concerns of when souls are engendered or "life" really starting seem beside the point to me.

I think the fight goes beyond "is it cells or a life" and "do women have control over their bodies" and is a matter of fundamental disagreement people have over how family situations should be.

I think it upsets people to consider that some people have chaotic experiences that would not be optimal for a baby to born into, that economics, safety, health and personal interest are not always aligned to welcome a new child. I think a lot of pro-life people are advocating for a world they think we should have - where people are in control of their lives to the point that adding another family member is feasible - and they desperately want this world.

I want that world, too. I wish I could say that what goes on behind the closed doors in my community was all healthy, nurturing and loving. But I just don't know that, and I can't assume that we're getting to that optimal place any time soon.

I've experienced pregnancy and birth. I would not trade my child for anything in this world. But I know how difficult it was to be pregnant and to bring her into this world, and I know how difficult it is to be a parent, every day. So though I wish our families and personal lives could all be arrayed to choose "life" as it were, I am forced to accept the reality that we have and believe in giving the choice to the individual woman.