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The collective wisdom on issues of faith, healing and spirituality as it relates to finding peace in my days has been a process of many gifted writers and medical professionals including the "Speaking of Faith" broadcast series.

The SOF broadcast makes it possible to hear their stories and their "voice" which brings more depth and breadth to these important truths.

I have the honor of having worked as an RN for over 20 years in intensive care and clinical settings. I have also had the privilege of having Rabbi Harold Kushner as a friend and colleague for the past ten years through my very small company, White Light Events, that was created after my cancer diagnosis. White Light Events serves to connect non profits and business's with critical thinkers and authors in the areas of ethics, spirituality and humanitarianism.

After hearing Dr. Rachel Remen's story of the "Birthday of the World" and the light in all of us it made my heart skip a beat!

Finding the courage and hope needed to live a life that has been touched by unspeakable pain with a sense that all the events of our lives create a wholeness not otherwise realized except when as Dr. Remen so beautifully put it "Living on the edge of life."

Thank you for making me feel like I am of one of many on this journey of finding peace in all that comes my way and that I am not alone!

This is the wisdom gifted me from Rabbi Kushner over the past ten years! He is what has brought me hope that it is only through our human stories and connections that we are able to truly live life with meaning and purpose, no matter how many days we have to live, is the acceptance and love of each other.

Terri Jones