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Rachel Naomi Remen: Kitchen Wisdom I just read the interview with Rachel Naomi Remen and what she is saying, I want to say, about the "sparks" is quite true. I studied Jewish mysticism, or Kabalah, as this is most popularly called, and I took a course because I honestly believed at the time that this was medieval and bore no relevance to our lives today. For me, this course made a profound difference in my life, including a mystic experience shared with a colleague and friend who had attended with me. When we left one night, and stood alone outside, realizing it had rained, we saw the entire street was covered with the Hebrew letters shaped from the water and they shone in the moonlight. This was so intense an experience, we were then, afraid, and did not return. I do deeply believe it's all correct, and as strange as this might seem to a modern, "scientific" world, the ancient stories of how the world was shaped, how we are each sparks of divinity, well, they are beautiful, however perceived. I do see divinity within us all, and a most cosmic dance, and within that dance, as light is a word also referring to laughter, call it the comic within cosmic, I think God is also laughing. Life is hard. Life is filled with sorrow, and I so totally agree with Naomi that through this suffering a kind of individual alchemy is forged, involving, deeply the opportunity to help each other, to heal, called tikkun olam, the bringing together of those sparks. I was sparked by this article, enough to write, again. And I can say, truly, that Ruth follows Naomi!