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After listening to Dr. Rachel Naomi Remen's words, I realized why I've followed a medical specialist of mine to three cities: He (in the limited time per visit imposed on him by the medical system) has always attempted, and succeeded, in making a connection with me. I see him once a year and yet he remembers details about me other than those of a medical nature. I would be truly devastated if he transferred to yet another system even farther away.

Additionally, I've begun an introspection as to the questions Dr. Remen poses her students about their own losses and how they deal with them. When listening to the podcast, I tried to immediately think of my own losses. While I've been much more fortunate than others regarding loss, I found myself struggling to find a voice for my experiences. Her assertion of "the way we protect ourselves from loss may be the way in which we distance ourselves from life…" are definitely something more for me to examine.