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At the Core of the Recent Financial Collapse
By Sampson Iruoha

Mankind have for several millennia gravitated towards recognizing only what gives earthly pleasure and gain, and they have increasingly made their every decision based on the potential for the attainment of these.

But there is something that is lost to that person who so binds himself through his limited and base desiring. What has eluded a great portion of mankind, but which always can be discovered by anyone through earnest exertion and objective observation, is the fact that our desires, i.e., those stirrings which rise from deep within us, contribute to what develops for us to experience and live through on earth. With these inner stirrings we determine what we experience in our lives. They are like magnetic energy-forms which pull together our earthly conditions according to their (the forms) nature.

When our goals become so narrow that we are concerned only with earthly wishes and desires, the opportunities for our experiencing of happiness get correspondingly narrower. The emotions of envy, greed, anger, fear and anxiety grow in size and in magnetic strength. We express more of these as we encounter various conditions on earth, because it becomes increasingly more difficult for us to find those very narrowly-defined conditions for our happiness. These conditions become even scarcer as the gaze of men on earth becomes even narrower and their goals more earthly in nature, and thus, more limited and rigid.

The surroundings which form around us as a result of the energy-forms we generate come together in ways that encourage feelings of envy, greed, anger, fear, anxiety, superficiality, conceit, narrow-mindedness, and many other related base attributes and emotions. All of this has the effect of keeping man’s gaze low, away from the enlightening and ennobling currents from above, from the Spiritual World through which light flows to us, because these base emotions and attributes are dissimilar to what is light.

If the guidance from above, which comes to us through our Inner Voice, and which leads along a natural, upbuilding path, is heeded, what is built on earth by men would always have beneficial effects to all. Destruction and despair, however, come as fruit to whomever builds differently, that is, whoever cannot recognise and heed natural Law and thereby abstain from causing harm (consciously or unconsciously). The desire for earthly wealth, comfort, power and influence, keeps our perception low and cuts us off from what will truly help us upwards spiritually and also materially.

The amassment of wealth, as a means of ensuring security and of achieving life’s purpose, has become a major preoccupation of many a person, rich or poor, young or old, without regard to nation, race or culture, so that everything else, including the cultivation of good qualities, which alone could lead to ennobled earthly institutions, has been left to deteriorate.

A powerful wave now courses through Creation, dislodging whatever is not built on a sound foundation, as is everything that has not been built under the right guidance. The recent financial collapse, shake-up or transformation is only an indication of this happening. It will affect people to the degree that they are bound to the collapsing structure. Only that person who is able to heed its rousing call can navigate well through the ensuing debris.