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Crisis is questioning everything you though you knew and could believe in, trust in, and losing yourself for years in the aloofness of questioning with only receiving half truths or total lies from others. Fear follows you night and day, tracking your every step. Waiting for you to make that fatal, final one last mistake. Then all is lost. Your choice is of life or death by your own method, or the comforts of living on the streets and about to turn 60.
I saw it coming, this so called recent new great depression way back at the end of 2005. I saw people with nothing but greed, bouncing on a lonely new person who had relocated to the attractive area of southwestern Utah. The pretense of being sweet and friendly is how they did it, practiced at hiding a truth and knowing exactly what you need to hear, taught from the confines of a religious cult, it's the business end of their church.
From the first minute I stopped my RV to camp and have a look around, they worked me to the point they destroyed my life and stole nearly every possession I had ever gathered and worked to pay for. They kept me and any one like me isolated and trapped, with no way out after the beginning of 2006.
I am empowered once again, and tomorrow will be a better day, forgive? Forget? Remember! And live better today!