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In regard to the financial fiasco that involves General Motors....I think it's disgusting that this corporation has the American government's dollars at it's disposal when for decades, an arrogant upper crust of management have taken advantage of HUGE profit sharing, bonuses and selfish pay outs. I have executives and assembly line workers in my family. Getting together at Christmas has always been interesting in this respect. I recall one year when my cousin, who is an executive sat at one end of the table admitting to getting 6 weeks off paid vacation over the holiday plus a $140,000.00 bonus(!) while my 2 assembly line working relatives sat at the other end of the table talking about their 3 weeks off and $2,500 bonus. Well, to me, both seemed rather exhorbient! Then all the benefits, health care and union-defended "rights" etc....I think the Government should give the money to Toyota that they might buy out General Motors and run the company like it should have been run from the begining. I have a cousin who works for Toyota. There is no union. They are paid sound, not extravagant salaries- across the board, recieve reasonable benefits and perks, but are also ecologically compliant and very efficiently run. I am angry that General Motors continues to pollute the environment in it's production facilities (ever been to Zugg Island, Michigan?) and to create vehicles that are completely out of touch with the ecological and economical crises we face today- as a nation and a planet. When I think of this blatant slap in the face to the American public, I wish the money grubbing, arrogant people running that company would wake up to their conscience's call and do some repenting.