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Having abandoned business as a career move, I have been terribly disappointed in the course of business over the last 20 years. As a society, I was blaming the depression era generation of taking for themselves and selling off our businesses to the highest bidder rather than make a place for the next generations. I am disappointed in the me generation of baby boomers who have let the greedy rise to the top. I have watched business do nothing more than take away from the workers for the greed of stock options. A handful of people have taken away from a few generations to enjoy their material insatiability.

There has been no insight or entrepreneurship in business for quite awhile. It is a matter of taking away from the business and the workers for the sake of stock options for the few at the top. Nothing is being created. It has been moved off shore. Responsibility has been legally maneuvered to protect those who should be held responsible. Government has no idea how to protect the worker or stimulate business in America. While everyone has lined their pockets with these outrages bonuses and perk, no one bothered to ask who will buy their product when no one can afford it.

I decided to do what I enjoy and took a low paying job as a wine representative. I have had no benefits, nothing paid into social security, no retirement, etc. My last employer took over 10,000.00 from me with no regard to the ethics. I did this to be able to go back to college and finish my bachelor's degree, Gen. Studies, Social nd Behavioral Sciences. I have since enrolled in a Graduate Program in Education for my teaching credentials in Special Education. I did this with an altruistic purpose of teaching the next generation that ethics and responsibility are good and should be expected. I did this to care for a generation of students all too marginalized by our society. It is my dream to raise a special education student who can lead. And a lot more who can earn a living in this society.

Our society is in crisis. There is next to nothing in the medias' to support our families. The family paradigm is failing in this culture. The very source of comfort and strength in most other cultures is being abandoned and we are spiritually bankrupt as a whole. I am so hopeful that Obama's rhetoric and talking of the right answers is met by a starving society and champions who will take us to a place that turns around this out of control, selfish definition of living in America to a more responsible place. There are so many good people in this world and in this society and they are not heard or powerful enough to keep the greed and selfishness from taking over, it seems.

I have a deep abiding love and respect for God. All peoples' God. I grew up with the values of my Grandparents, those who were adults and raising children through the depression. I am not guiltless in living the values of the past few decades, but I have drawn a line and see the need and importance of preparing a way for the next generations rather than piling so much debt upon them with little opportunity to make a good life. We have little moral or ethical meaning in this life right now as a society. I fear the baby boomer generation will be loathed for its greed rather than its ideals of peace and love and happiness beyond the individual. Goc bless us, everyone.