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WE ARE ONE. WE ALL ARE ONE. Division, as perpetrated in this money-centered world, is COMPLETELY ILLUSIONARY. We are in the painful difficulties which we are now experiencing, simply because we have been
believing in, and functioning exclusively with, COMPETITION. I was born in 1933, and what I saw, at the beginning of my life, I am seeing all over again: A republican administration presiding over a major stock market crash, followed by a depression, which was worked through by a Democratic President. Same thing, all over again, TODAY. The stock market inculcates "More And More Money Into Fewer Fewer Hands." When the aristocracy did that in France, 200 years ago, they lost their heads for it. Hopefully, we will Unite Peacefully under President Obama, and begin to replace the old idiocy of destructive, violent competition with another old idea: COOPERATION. The founders of this nation made certain that we print on all of our money "IN GOD WE TRUST." Thay also made certain that we obtained complete freedom of religion. We have the privilege of worshiping The One God in any way we choose. We are all the children of the ONE GOD, as the founders Absolutely Knew. This is NOT a doctrinal or theological statement of religion. It is a statement of Philosphical, even Scientific, TRUTH. When we begin to treat each other as Brothers and Sisters, knowing ourselves as Children Of The One God, we will begin to get beyond the pain and suffering which we have brought upon ourselves, and create a life here on this Blessed Mother Earth worthy of our Exalted Status as God's Chidren.