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In my opinion, the current economic climate is caused by severe breeches of truth and a resulting lack of trust. It is the result of lack of regulation of greed, but the solution requires more than just better regulations - it requires a change of heart to recognize our interdependence. It demands “justice”, not only as a judgment of wrongdoing, but for the correction of unjust systems and imbalances. It requires turning to God in repentance of the violent injustices of humanity, armed with weapons, conceits, deceit and lies. It calls for the expression of compassionate grace.

As a result of the current economic climate I am now more careful than ever to both discern and speak the truth (clearly and with a caring heart),as best I can. As a citizen I can focus on being a better neighbor and encouraging others to focus on our common good. As a Realtor I can best help clients by neither succumbing to the prevailing downward spiral of pessimism nor portray an unrealistic optimism.

I find my source of wisdom in following the life, death and resurrection of Jesus - the way of the cross. I find truth telling in Jim Wallis’ 1981 book The Call to Conversion, in Brian McLaren’s Everything Must Change and Will and Lisa Samson’s Justice in the Burbs.

I find hope that God hears my prayers that the Spirit of Christmas may live in all of our hearts.

Rick Bonetti