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Clearly there is a crisis of interpersonal ethics in America where investment money and banking is concerned. Sadly, unethical conduct and behavior patterns seen in our political leadership and public officials, have reset the new low standards that everyone wrongly thought they could "justify" following.
Justification and mere tolerance are the warning signs of a troubled individual. Honesty, openness, and respect are the cornerstones of healthy cultures and nations.
Any national leader that allows the likes of Zimbabwe's Mugabe to retain power, and Israels aggression to go on, without outright vocal condemnation seems hypocritical, and lacking in the moral character, which alone... gives impetus to creative, active engagement and positive solution investigations.
Through my church we are shipping 40 foot containers, of used furniture and complete inventories of everyday household and personal effects, donated by congregation members for the refurbishing and furnishing/building of orphanages for damaged children's lives in Namibia,
I actively engage in the One cause, and assist with feeding local poor and needy people, and make donations to several causes where transparent NGO's have proven results.

At work with every client, I lead a team that emphasizes a caring and truthful manner in appreciating the business that each client brings us, taking on a helpful American attitude. This starts with a real greeting and a smile worthy of a neighbor, and not engaging in unnatural dialogue for the sole purpose of making extra sales opportunities,

The business attitude and words 'consumer beware' in this fiscal fiasco in particular, have leaked into every day life relationships and have come back to bit us all, we are all consumers trading commercially and inter-actively with one another in everyday life.

I pray for Obama's inspiration, good guidance and a wisdom that will lead to a greater sense of mutual trust and world peace.