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Two years ago I left behind college for about the 4th or 5th time. Largely, because the Career Services Director walked into a classroom full of young and not-so-young adults and proceeded to proclaim that as he put it "entitlements mean nothing".

I've heard college-grads try to defend this bald-face lie, but I have not been persuaded that entitlements mean nothing. I personally believe that long before man set foot on the earth a God created hierarchies to which he assigned entitlements for the very purpose of maintaining order in His created world.

To be told by an entitled authority figure that entitlements mean nothing caused me to begin questioning not only this particular persons competency, but the veracity of things I was being lectured about. Why on earth wouldn't they?

I know for a fact that the only entitled authority with the power to evict someone physically from "their" home is a sheriff, but that still leaves the person occupying that office with the choice of whether or not he will do his job with compassion or relish for the people involved--and thus, to mitigate or inflict as far as he is able the pain of this kind of tragedy, is that not so?

Over the last 20 of my 50 years I have become something of a social scientist seeking to understand why so much of what I precieve to be negative has happened to me as the result of projected blame by entitled authorities,and how I could get rid of not only the bad feelings but the collateral damage done to my brand-name.

I have found my answer in leading a celebate and therefore for me, sober life. I have also been made a witness to the abitlity of my God(the word made flesh)to correct my false accusers in love and truth.

This would not have been possible without the help and discouragement of entitled FBI Agent Abe Alba who came to my then-residence to discourage me from standing up not only for Judge Alison Colgan's right to affirm that I did not sexually harass anyone and for my right to attempt to collect damages for the salacious lie promulgated by one of Delaware North Co. own employees namely Yosemite Concession Services Risk Manager John Huey.

By falsely accusing and firing me for harassment he denied me the means to acquire food,shelter,work,entertainment,clothing,and the means(EAP programs) for the supposed "need" to rehabilitate myself for the purpose of being eligibile for re-hire.

As a result of my "failure" to acknowledge any of FBI agent Alba's false allegations of extortion(I sent them copies of Judge Colgan's determination, but apparently nobody was "home" to listen/read it.)I have been witness to the "bad-mouthing" of America as Abu Ghraib abusers, Geneva Convention violators,the termination of millions of jobs(what do I need with millions of jobs where I was made a scapegoat by other lazy employees? Because its not what you know,it who you know-I only needed one job)by employers looking to make themselves look "good" to stock-holders and bds of directors, and the final irony the mortgage-foreclosure/homeless debacle of the last couple of years.

And unfortunately,at this point, it seems just to me.

I realized I will not stop being harassed and bullied until I remove myself from corporate involvement.

Group Relational Dynamics have had a way of turning people ugly in my presence(but then that's why the grade-school teacher found me such a tempting target of her own abuse, I suppose, because I was alone), so I'm keeping better company with my God these days or I'm battling the forces of evil in group settings.

That is just plain old herd dynamics 101.