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I see Hebrews taking over America because their faith is success obsessed. The Hebrew faith of Judaism, based on the flat Earth, Earth centered Universe, egocentric, ethnocentric way of life, as having a major impact on this downturn and it's effects. The faith is Jewish, the tribe is Hebrew, the politics are global Zionism, and the nation state is Israel. I say Hebrew because money is about personal possession by a body, an ethnic group, a tribe.

Hebrews are 100% of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors. Hebrews run 75% of the member Fed Banks. Hebrews run the World Bank, International Bank of Settlements, and International Monetary Fund. Hebrews have their own concentration camp in Israel. Israel takes more money than any nation in the world, per capita, from America.

Israel is a failed state that is subsidized by America, provoking wars and attacks such as the attack of September 11th, all based on faith. Israel has no declare borders, no constitution, a right of return for all Jews, and no definition of what or who a Jew is. The Israeli view is "we'll know one when we see one", on a case by case basis. This provokes holy wars based on faith. The Israeli Zionist Hebrew war is sixty years old but it is really two thousand years old as many wars are. War is always about money, never faith. Politicians use religion, use faith, to wage wars for money. Faith is behind the eyes. Politics and money is outside the eyes.

The Pentagon was attacked and New York City was attacked on September 11th, 2001. New York City is the largest Hebrew city in the world and the epicenter of the global financial crisis. The cause of the attack is social injustice, caused by the Israelis who invade, kill, steal, and lie in the Hebrew state of Israel in the name of a faith. America supports Israel. The enemies of Israel attacked America, the source of financing.

America subsidizes Israeli Hebrews and ignores the plight of the refugees of the sixty year old crime against humanity in Israel, also known as occupied Palestine. This is all due to too many people chasing too few jobs, too little money, and the same people wanting the same land. This is all based on faith, that Hebrews and Arabs have claims to this land, based on faith. There is a clash between social justice, faith, and money.

The Hebrews are clearly winning this war but there is blow back, unintended consequences, such as Israel's financial and military support being attacked in America.

This is all based on faith, the faith that one group, one tribe, the Hebrews, should rule the world. All tribes believe this. Hebrews are the best at accomplishing this with education.

Hebrews send eighty per cent of their children to college because the rightly believe and have faith this will lead to a better economic life. We all want to be better off. Sixty eight per cent of Hebrew children graduate from college. No other group is this high. This gives Hebrews access to money, power, and fame which they use to benefit Hebrews and promote their faith. This can be seen when Hebrews refuse to use the BC and AD regarding the Christian calendar, yet use the Christian dates. The use of the BCE and CE degrade and insult Christians. If Hebrews want to use this dating system they should use the correct labels instead of slurring the labels to show bias and insult. This is no surprise. All tribes seek to do this. All tribes want their own faith based nation where all other way of life are excluded and their way is the only politically correct way. To my knowledge only Hebrews have a faith based, exclusive nation state, that is struggling to succeed as a failed state and can not stand on it's own two feet, financially.

The struggle of the Hebrews, Arabs, and English, the struggle of the Jews, Christians, and Muslims, the struggle of the Israelis, Palestinians, and Americans, are always about money and economy. Which faith will dominate the empire? Which faith should the empire choose to favor as it picks winners and losers in Egypt, Rome, Germany, Israel, and America?

Ever since the Roman Empire adopted Christianity as the official faith, the Hebrews have been following the money to promote their faith as THE FAITH. The story that Jesus was a Jew is utterly false but allowed to persist. Too bad the Old Testament is based on flat Earth, Earth centered, obsolete beliefs that "my tribe" is THE ONE AND ONLY sacred tribe at the center of the Universe. That faith is dead. The Earth is round, not flat. The books, The Old Testament, Koran, New Testament, Iliad, Mahabharata, remain to haunt us as the tribes all gather around their sacred books to proclaim they have the right to all the money and all the world. Then there is war. The war is always for the money.

The Western struggle for money is wound deeply in the Old Testament, New Testament, and Koran. All these books have nuggets of truth wrapped in faith, seeking more money. How much is enough? Too much is not enough. Only all of it is enough.

What I would like is a show defining how much is enough? How much food, shelter, and clothing is enough? How much war and war budgeting is enough? How much faith is enough? What is the minimum people should have globally, before we have a Bernard Madeoff? Should people still have faith in a book based on a flat Earth, at the center of the Universe, as all tribes falsely believed, based on faith, two thousand years ago?

The current down turn will be survived. Companies go bankrupt and out of business. What worries me is false documents survive bankruptcies, based on faith. Should people have faith in bankrupt companies or bankrupt Federal Reserve Notes that are worth nothing? Should we have faith in bankrupt faiths, bankrupt books, that are obsolete and do not work outside the tribe?

Why does faith, the full faith and credit of America, have to do with our money? Our money is bankrupt. We have no real money. All we have left is faith and that changes everyday so the stock market must wildly gyrate to reflect our gaining and losing faith in fake paper money. Should science and business be based on faith? That is scary. Faith is too personal. I don't want to have faith in food. I want food. I prefer science and repeatable experiments to people who have faith the Earth is flat, at the center of the Universe, and some invisible deity promised someone a holy land in Palestine three thousand years ago. Where is the proof? Show me. Prove it. Otherwise keep the faith silent, behind the eyes.

Faith and money have a lot to do with business. I personally prefer some collateral for loans besides faith. This economy is readjusting because collateral values have changed and people are walking away from promises they had faith in but proved to be too expensive. Where is the collateral regarding faith? Business is about facts and cash flow. Faith is about invisible deities and taking over the world as a Hebrew, Arab, or Englishman. What can we do when economies collapse because they were based on faith instead of sound scientific business principles and collateral?

Faith belongs behind the eyes, in silence. Outside the eyes people need experiments, facts, and reality we all agree on to meet our needs. Faith trumps reality behind the eyes. Reality trumps faith outside the eyes. The moral and spiritual aspects of this down turn are all based on groups struggling to take more rewards, awards, and media time than their numbers in the population justify. The group that exceeds all others at doing this is the Hebrews. How can the Hebrews fix this problem their book and their group largely caused? If it's broke, fix it. Will they? Can they? I don't know. What do you think? What does history tell us will happen?

I doubt if this commentary will ever see the light of day because it is not politically correct, embracing the zeitgeist of the times. Truth is often like that, in any tribe, over all times. You don't find a miracle, you live one. Protect yourself. No one else can or will. The harder and smarter we work the luckier we get. We'll all work it out one way or another.

Sorry this got so long. I just got on a roll and couldn't stop. I think the financial system works great. I think it is faith that has the flaws and has no place outside the eyes. Politics and political flaws is what we are seeing, not financial flaws. The Federal Reserve has failed us, Greenspan and Bernanke have failed us. The Fed should be abolished.

The wisdom I am looking for is to let banks and failed businesses have the consequences of their actions so the system can reallocate wealth properly instead of having government pick winners and losers. Wilderness always serves me with wise advice. There are predator and prey cycles. Stocks are not investments. Common stocks are dangerous unsecured speculations. I have beaten the Dow, S&P, Nasdaq, Warren Buffet, and John Bogle. I am happy with that. I feel sorry for people who have been wiped out listening to advice to "buy and hold". Protect yourself. No one else can or will. Faith needs no protection behind the eyes. Money and life outside the eyes does need to be protected. Good luck to us all.

Jack Goldman
St. Paul, MN