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Just east of St Louis here, this Sunday morning there was a shooting at a Baptist church, killing at least one. Can't say what the killer's motives were, but I've certainly been angry - enraged, in fact - at God in my 51 years of existence. When I was enraged at God (1981), I was suicidal yet "crazy" enough to not want to commit suicide: God would undoubtedly send me straight to hell was my "crazy" notion.

One thing that's helped me is meditation. I don't know why it works so I "just do it." It helps me find acceptance of things I don't like including violence. It also helps me to accept that there will always be religion that the fragile and desperate turn to for help. Buddhism emphasizes the practices of meditation & compassion because, I think, when we meditate we are confronted with our selves, what we think & feel which isn't always pleasant to see. Thus the practice of compassion for our warts & farts, if you will.

It is my wish that churches would come closer to recognizing what science has seen, and find compassion for themselves if their faith doesn't match up. The outward trappings of religion can enrage someone who finds his/herself caught in it. "The truth shall set you free" Jesus is supposed to have said and it is time to practice the truths of honesty with compassion about the organizations built around Jesus.