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What we are currently experiencing in America is the culmination of twenty years of greed and materialism run rampant-- in all industries, and in our personal lives. Too long the attitude, "What's in it for me?" has prevailed. I live on the edge of obscurity, yet, write every day, with the hope that one day any one of my original screenplays will find the savvy producer who understands that "less is more", that "great films" can be small in elements or concept, but big in heart and the human element, and integrity of the story... Great films are born of great screenplays, and one needn't be a "brand" name (writer, producer, or star) to be the only ones creating the blue prints for "the classics of tomorrow". Perhaps a "shift in consciousness" in Hollywood, and elsewhere, is called for-- one that comes from seeing and listening to our world in new ways-- and also in the discovery that the very mysteries we find so exciting, are part of all of us. We can feel the tension between civilization and nature, because we humans have created it.

The economic crisis has only made us all more aware of our humanness, that we are not Gods, no matter how grand our lifestyles. Now we become more selective, more open to finding new ways to thrive, despite the economy, and without funding sources. Many of us are unemployed, but despite this economic downturn, we can rely on our imagination, and our American dexterity at problem solving-- if we choose to explore what is really important and necessary in our lives, if we choose to really live, without "things", and without the attitude of "entitlement". This has led to the inflated worth of everything, including ourselves as a society.

With a "fresh outlook" and new-found consciousness, we can overcome just about anything. Let me share this simple wisdom, something I wrote when all seemed lost:

How do we reaffirm, above all else, that life is good, and of itself, the greatest pleasure?
And if at times, it is surprisingly violent and sad, and we do not have the clarity of vision,
each day, to see the beauty of life, inconstant as it is, alternating with sorrow and joy, then we miss the most profound meaning in our lives; and much of life's beauty, simplicity, and intricacy escapes us entirely.

This is what I mean when I say: "It begins with a shift in consciousness..."

All things are possible. Find happiness in people, not things. Find wealth in sharing food, words of wisdom, poetry, and art. We all have stories in us-- sit under the full moon and share stories with others. Make time for family and friends. Laugh, and be content in knowing you are making the world a better place.

Barbara Rosson Davis
Mother, Poet, Screenwriter,