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I am feeling a dual mixture of indiffrence and sadness in this current economic downturn. I am going to be laid off next month from a job that I had for almost two years where the realtionships that I had with my co-workers and management have grown into a second family. You see, despite having very distant relatives in the same city that I live in. My core local family memmbers are my friends, neighbors, and co-workers who are more understanding of who I am and how I live besides my biological family who live somewhere else.

I am equally challenged by finding a new job because I have already made major decisions over what no longer desire and where I choose to end up. This is a professional crossroad that I started to take greater insight in since I am very deeply spiritual person who lives out God's purpose on an ongoing baisis. I don't belong to a particular church since leaving my former church several years earlier because I outgrew it. In other words, seeking out and/or belonging to another church is a very low priority that I don't visualize ever becoming dominant again for me.

Economic downturns with people that I know have been a somewhat humbling experince because no one is immune from being faced with a layoff notice. It doesn't matter if you are a retail sales associate, such as myself, or a corporate executive, comapnies are downsizing all over. I see this economic moment as a relfection of living through the last several recessions, where despite periods of uncertiancy, I used God's faith to pull me through the deepest caverns into developing new ways to imporve myself by changing careers and returning to school. I am very blessed to have numerous options because of my educational background which ensues me that I don't have to be stuck in retail for the remainder of my working life.