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I do not experience this time/moment as a crisis, but simply as one of inner/ conscious growth for all - individually and collectively. We are not just human beings.....we are humans being. Should you be thinking of economy you are imagining the outside/physical realms which are always a manifestation of what one chooses to think about most of the time.....cause and effect. Life is and inside job, so if we don't go within, we go without.

I believe that the most important thing man is currently (since time began)re-cognizing is that he will always be in the midst (now) of becoming that which he/she has always been. The wonderful, simple thing is that we each become exactly what we think about and believe ourselves to be at the moment, as It should be.

An eternal change/growth in conscious awareness (paradym) is happening globally at a pace today in the 21st century that equals the growth and speed/expansion that is simultaneously happening on a universal scale. In simple terms, we as a species are sharing a form of mental/spiritual communication in 2009 that has never occurred before.....but for the first time we're consciously aware of It on a wider scope/togetherness. Not the easiest to put into words.

As we re-cognize our light I believe it is important to feel that we are always beginning, always and in always brand new.....never staying in the past and keeping in 'Mind' that not judging oneself or another is one of the most enjoyable ways to spend now. Joy.

Life is an inside job.....if you don't go within, you go without.