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I find myself questioning how to get by on almost a daily basis. My goals for me and my family have changed. This isn't always easy to swallow, but I have learned how to live with less "stuff" that doesn't have meaning anyways. I have lowered my expectations and taken the time to see all the wonderful things I do have in my life. Life has changed, but in so many ways as strange as it seems, it has been for the better. I don't take anything for granted anymore. The change in our family income has been extremely straining. The stress is very wearing on our family.I have learned to set a better budget out of this matter. I have spent a great deal of time reflecting on life and have realized that we can get by with so much less than before and still be happy. I don't know anyone who is not struggling in some way and people seem to be coming together more and giving more time to voluntarily help others out. I appreciate everything I have on a different level then I did before. We have found new ways of stretching the dollar out and have the necessities we need to get by. I now see everything as a gift or blessing and know things could be much worse than they are.