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In September, within two weeks of each other, I lost my job and my home and now live in my vehicle. It has definately been a spiritual crisis for me and I have questioned other people's morals. Somehow I feel as though I have failed God and this is my punishment. I have no family and feel so absolutely alone. I have always been a person to be there for others as much as I possibly could. You see, since I have no family I always considered my friends to be my family. And since loosing my home, I don't get calls from my friends anymore. I asked someone last week, who hasn't talked to me, why. She said that no one wants to talk to me any longer because they believe I will ask for things. I had to somehow explain to her that my intelligence didn't get evicted along with me. It hurt so much, I can't put it into words. I'm so lonely and have no one to turn to. I pray and things seem to get worse. I told someone that having my nightly entertainment be watching the rats running around the McDonald's dumpsters does not make you feel that there is any hope. It feels so weird after being such a good friend to others to have no one. I hope I do not loose that good quality. I just don't feel there are many communities out there anymore. I want more than anything to feel as though I matter and can make a difference. I grew up in a wealthy home and now have nothing and no one. I pray that the world grows up and starts to love each other. Thank you.