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As you can tell from the above information I am both a transplant from the state of California and a 5 year resident of Fargo, ND. where we are experiencing unprecedented Red River flood conditions.

I sand-bagged along with many other residents and a lot of national guards people, and much of my time was spent/invested very productively because people were focused on sand-bagging and on saving their possessions and their city, this was truely preceived as a crisis.

However, when I have found myself in the company of people primarily concerned with the making of money or a "living" as some might call it, I have not found the focus quite as intense on accomplishing the larger goals.

Instead, because it seems to me that the U.S. is a hyper-religious culture when not engaged in efforts that directly effect people such as in a crisis situation people will begin to look for scapegoats in order to relieve stress by corporate bullying.

Such, it would seem, are the dynamics of group interaction where increasingly people sell their time and efforts cheaply and are forced to make impossible choices between eating and sleeping indoors.

Sadly, it would seem it takes a crisis of the Red River flood proportions to bring this kind of focus on the important to the fore.