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Forgive me but I have struggled with the SOF program recently and really struggled with Vigen Guroian easter experiences as "a call to our senses." I have a conservative evangelical background and now struggle with any discussion about the God of the Bible. Easter has no meaning for me whatsoever. I love any discussion of Tolle, Buddhism and Eastern religions. "A New Earth" is one of my favorite books. Thanks to SOF I'm currently reading "An End to Suffering, The Buddha in the World." Again, forgive me, but I expected so much more from the discussion of gardening. Sustainable, slow food, organic gardening is what is going to rescue our planet from a food crisis. Maybe I missed something but it seemed incredibly lite weight.

This economic moment is absolutely a moral and spiritual crisis. It's all about greed and short term gain. It's not about sustainability, the long term and helping your fellow man. I personally, do not reach out to the Christian tradition for answers though.

The Saturday morning Farmers Market is our new church. It's our community. My wife and I see friends and talk to the farmers that grow our food. Our meat farmers treat their animals humanely. Our produce farmers practice sustainability and avoid the monocultures of the large factory farms. Plus, we learn small ways to take care of ourselves and reduce our expenses while improving our health.

We want to cultivate living in the now, sustainability, recycling and helping the less fortunate. We want to cultivate reducing our carbon footprint and fighting for reduction in greenhouse gasses.