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My hope for each of us is that we give thought to what "sustainability" means. Perhaps to do that we need to give more honor to the virtue of prudence. I have spent many years studying for a graduate degree in biology, and, as a mother, have become aware of the limits of our influence as well as the limited supply of our natural resources.
It is difficult to assess the popularity of "mini mansions" that have sprung up, each on its own 5 or 10 acres of grass. Grass, for heaven's sake! How much energy--human or fossil fuel--do they plan to spend each week keeping it all looking beautiful? To say nothing of washing windows and paying the cleaning bills on all that beautiful stuff in the 6,000 sq.ft. house?
Where and when did we get so acquisitive? Taking care of the house would seem to be much more important that taking care of or having fun with each other.
I used to tell my kids that it all started because logs floated. That made them easy to harvest, so they could be used to make paper, and without paper we could not sustain a huge economy. This was obviously before computers & e-mail replaced books, letters, envelopes and the USMail. Who will we be for each other? We must be friends and neighbors, using our talents to help each other enjoy what we have, and put the "we can have it all" world view behind us.