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First, let me say that I applaud this program. It is sorely needed. It is a wonderful program which deals, appropriately, with a world which is complex, spiritual and not as reduced to sound bites as this corrupted culture and its handlers would have us believe.

I am experiencing this economic situation as a spiritual crisis which I believe is a divine unfolding. I believe this country was given untold blessings and benefits, which a narcisstic and corrupt few, aided by weak leaders, crashed this country economically, culturally, morally.

I have tried to cultivate kindness, generosity of spirit, honesty, and some altruism.

There is no basis for trusting any more in this society. It is decadent and corrupt. Extreme individualism at the expense of the many has overtaken and destroyed what was life sustaining in this culture.

I think there are places of community. Not many.

We do not know who we will be for one another. We need a transfiguration of this society, to go back to the strengths of our 17th century leaders who did understand what "society" and "community" and "e pluribus unum" meant, minus their prejudices and elitism.

We need to recreate a "creative" and "creating" culture with a means of production. Naomi Klien and Mr. Grider have proposed ideas with merit.

Without means of production, a reinvention of agriculture, the turning of our factories (what is left) to new production, and the moving away of basic living (such as health care) from profit, is the only way we will find redemption. Otherwise, we will perish or life will become so miserable for most people that it will not be worth living here.