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Around Christmas time 2008 there was a news release published by some very credible media sources, like the Wall Street Journal and Reuters (to name two) stating that:

" the very near future a large, bright star will appear in the sky visible throughout the world, night and day. Around a week later, Maitreya will give his first interview on a major U.S. television program."

Since that time the aforementioned star did in fact appear all over the world and a subsequent news release published by at least the Wall Street Journal (and I'm assuming the others who covered the first news release) stated the following:

News Release: The Star is seen worldwide
As tension and desperation mount among those who suffer the fallout of the financial collapse, Maitreya waits for public debate over the new starlike luminary to signal the necessary response from humanity which will release Him to step into public work as Teacher for a new way forward for mankind. As photographic reports increase, it is hoped that with the help of media and the Internet, the law of free will may be fulfilled and His emergence can proceed apace.

This post is an effort to kindle some of the needed public debate.

Maitreya is a Divine Intermediary by the way.

In other words, all we need to do to trigger Divine Intervention is TALK about a star that has been photographed all over the world.

There has been very little media reaction to this story. Unless the voice of humanity (i.e. public opinion) demonstrates an interest in these events, Maitreya and the Spiritual Hierarchy are forbidden to take any action, because it would be a breach of free will.

I believe a program like yours could do tremendous work towards enlightening the masses about the ongoing changes in our world. There is plenty of video footage and information to support these grandiose claims. Please take the time to review the content at Humanity's purpose is not to have a handful of powerful, greedy organizations controlling the resources of this planet forcing everyone into a life of financial imprisonment. We are chained to our jobs which suck the life and energy from us so that the rich can get richer. We are divine creatures living on a planet which can provide everyone with abundance. It is the imbalance and greed which have caused this economic collapse.

I hope you consider this story. When you read some of the underlying details, it sounds a little far-fetched, I realize, but that doesn't make it any less real. 2,000 years ago, the same kind of story was unfolding. Back then, very few people really understood what was happening. I can think of the three wise men, and the Essenes, but everyone else were relying on the wisdom of the Pharisees and the church elders. Jesus made it clear that those experts were way off the mark. The same scenario is likely to occur when He returns. Thousands of different denominations exist, each of them claiming to know the truth. Each of them expect that when God comes back to Earth, He will walk into their particular church and pat them on the back for seeing the real truth. What is far more likely to occur is that God will look around and announce that the majority of the churches are mistaken. Where is the church that stresses self sacrifice and self crucifixion? Jesus made it clear that we must pick up our crosses and follow Him down the path that leads to self annihilation. Nobody wants to hear that message. There are plenty of churches that offer an easier alternative. Just believe and you are saved from eternal damnation! No cross is necessary! These are the churches that the masses flock to, because people are not really interested in following a spiritual path to enlightenment. They are more interested in maximizing their creature comforts. The truth of the matter, however is that there are two mutually exclusive worlds: The World of God and The World of Man. Everybody claims to want to find the bridge to the World of God, but our churches haven't figured out yet that the only way to reach the spiritual kingdom is to eliminate desire for the material kingdom. Life is a gradual evolution into the awareness that the material world cannot satisfy. Things are not as important as relationships. Where two mutually exclusive worlds exist, it is only logical that paradox holds the key to bridging them. Jesus mentioned a few, we must die to gain eternal life, it's easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven... Here is my favorite paradox: We identify our self as a separate, distinct subset of physical form, emotions and mental activity. We each have a self, and the rest of the universe is the not-self. The paradox of truth is that our true self is really our not-self. As our love of self shrinks through spiritual maturity and loving our neighbor, our awareness expands to include ever more of our environment. At first it is just me and my wants. But when I put myself in the shoes of my neighbors, and I truly start to care about them and their circumstances, my life is enriched exponentially, because when someone is loved, they have a tendency to love you back. Just think what it would be like to love everyone! Rather Heavenly, don't you think?

I know I'm rambling a bit. The point I'm trying to make is that the messages which are going to change the world and solve all of its problems are going to center around SHARING. This is what Maitreya will teach. You have an incredible opportunity to enlighten the public to the most incredible story imaginable.

By the way, I love your show!